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Gym-Ja Warrior Competitive Team

Our new Gym-Ja Warrior Competitive Team is by invitation only.  It is for boys and girls ages 6 and up.  Our Gym-Ja team trains on Sundays during the school-year and on Saturdays in the Summer.  The team competes in Ninja competitions all over New England.  If you are interested in becoming a team member, please call or email and ask for coach David.

Summer 2017

Mondays: 2:00-4:00: ages 6-8

Tuesday: 3:00-5:00: ages 9-12 Boys

Wednesday: 4:30-6:30: ages 9-12 Girls

Thursday: 3:00-5:00: ages 13 plus

Weekend Competitions

Head Coach David Vergara

I have been training for American Ninja Warrior for almost 2 years.  I have been a superfan of the show since the beginning.  Being involved in such a supportive and positive community that is the ninja community has given me a whole new perspective on fitness and life itself.  I have had the honor of course testing the American Ninja Warrior qualifier course in Philadelphia on season 8.  I also compete in the National Ninja League (NNL) and the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA).  I am a 2x regional finalist for the UNAA.  Both of these leagues are nationally accredited and they have youth divisions as well.  My ultimate goal with our ninja team is to help overcome obstacles physically and mentally and have fun while doing so.




         8:00-10:30 AM (age 13-17)

         10:30-1:00 PM (age 6-8)

          1:00-4:30 PM (age 9-12)

TA FITNESS:  July 16





National Ninja League (NNL) Season 3 Schedule

NNL (National Ninja League) Northeast Qualifiers Schedule

      *Top 3 boys and top 3 girls qualify for nationals in February/March

*The child's age on March 31, 2018 will decide what age category they fall into

*Bold and Italics symbolize that qualifier is located in New England

*No registration fee to be a member of the NNL.  Only need to pay for competition fees

*Must sign waiver which is on


Brooklyn Zoo (Brooklyn, NY):

July 8th- All Youth Divisions (6-8) (9-12) (13-17)

  10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

July 9th- Adults

                10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Real Life Ninja Academy (Windsor, CT):

    July 15th- Adults and Teens (13-17)

             Teens: 12:00-2:30 PM

              Adult: 10:00-11:30 AM; 3:30-9:00 PM


    July 16th- Kids (6-8) and Preteens (9-12)

  Kids: Wave 1 8:00-9:30 AM

                       Wave 2 10:00-11:30 AM

                       Wave 3 12:00-1:30 PM


       Preteens: Wave 1 2:00-3:30 PM

                        Wave 2 4:00-5:30 PM

                        Wave 3 6:00-7:30 PM


TA Fitness (Weymouth, MA):

    August 26- Kids (6-8) and Preteens (9-12)

    August 27- Adults and Teens (13-17)


Gravity Forge (Hatboro, pa)

   September 23- adults and teens (13-17)

   September 24- kids (6-8) and preteens (9-12)


High Exposure (Northvale, NJ)

  October 1- all divisions


Pinnacle Parkour (cherry hill, NJ)

   October 28- adults

   October 29- preteen (9-12) and teen (13-17)


Icore Fitness (West Chester, pa)

    November 4- All divisions


New Era Ninjas (Hamden, CT)

   November 11- Adults

   November 12- all youth divisions


Movement Lab NJ (Hainesport, NJ)

    November 24- All divisions


Hybrid Fitness (Lancaster, NY)

   December 2- All divisions


Vertiquest (Bound Brook, NJ)

   December 15- kids (6-8) and preteens (9-12)

   December 16- teens (13-17) and adults


Ultimate Obstacles (West Boylston, MA)

   January 6- Adults

   January 7- All Youth divisions



Action Athletics (Wellesley, MA)

   January 27- All youth divisions

   January 28- Adults


Vitality Obstacle Fitness (Fall River, MA)

   February 3- Adults

   February 4- All Youth Divisions



TA Fitness NNL qualifier: Ethan Fena 6th place overall 13-17 age group

                                    Noah Lyonnais 7th place overall 6-8 age group


Laidback Fitness UNAA Qualifier: Gavin Pelletier 8th place overall 10-13 age group


Real Life Ninja Academy April Fools Competition:

Haley Labdon 4th place female 9-11 age group


Ultimate Obstacles Youth Competition:

Logan Court 5th place overall in 6-8 age group

Madison Kotel 1st place female (only female in finals round) in 6-8 age group

Gavin Pelletier 5th place overall in 9-12 competitive age group

Haley Labdon 2nd place female in 9-12 competitive age group

Nate Ludtke made it to the finals round (went perfect in both preliminary courses)

Isaac Hill made it to the finals round

Jack Donovan made it to the finals round


CCG Inaugural Ninja Warrior Competition

Noah Lyonnais: 1st place overall in 6-8 boys age group (only one to clear entire course out of 6-8 boys and girls age group)

Logan Court: 2nd place overall in 6-8 boys age group

Madison Kotel: 1st place overall in 6-8 girls age group

Chloe Donovan: 2nd place overall in 6-8 girls age group

Trent Miller: 1st place overall in 9-11 boys age group

Isaac Hill: 3rd place overall in 9-11 boys age group

Lilly Collum: 1st place overall in 9-11 girls age group (only one to clear entire course out of 9-11 boys and girls age group)

Gemma Gray: 2nd place overall in 9-11 girls age group

Connor Jones: 1st place overall in 12-17 age group

Ethan Fena: 2nd place overall in 12-17 age group

Gavin Pelletier: 3rd place overall in 12-17 age group

Cape Cod Gymnastics is located in the town of Yarmouth, Massachusetts, right off Exit 7. Our location is an easy drive from all Cape Cod and southern Massachusetts cities and towns

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