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Seasonal Exhibitions

2021 End of the Year Shows!

June 13 - 20, 2021





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Let’s celebrate the accomplishments of our athletes!  They have all persevered through COVID, virtual school, all activities closed in addition to the stress and sadness of family and friends who were sick, lost jobs or even passed away.  As we come out of the COVID nightmare it’s time to celebrate! 


All Gym-ja Warrior classes: Sunday, June 13 at 11:00AM   

Show Admission for June 13, 19 and 20: $6 Adults; $4 kids (over 3); 



My Buddy classes: Your show will take place in class the week of June 21 in your regular class.



AM Pre-K Kids classes (except Sat. AM)

will take place in class the week of June 14 in your regular class. 


Tuesday morning Pre-K Kids: June 15 at 10:20

Wednesday morning Pre-K Kids: June 16 at 9:30

Friday morning Pre-K Kids: June 18 at 11:00

Saturday morning Pre-K Kids: June 19 at 10:00



No admission limits!


Saturday, June 19 


Show 1: 10:00 AM at CCG

Saturday 9:50 Pre-K Kids

Monday 4:15 1-Hour Boys

Thursday 4:30 Gym Dandy


Show 2: 11:30 AM at CCG

Friday 4:00 1.5-Hour Girls

Monday and Friday 4:00 2-Hour Girls

Wednesday 3:00 1-Hour Girls

Thursday 4:15 1-Hour Girls


Show 3: 1:00 at CCG
Saturday 11:50 1-Hour Girls
J.O. Pre-Team

Show 4: 2:30 at CCG
Friday 5:30 1-Hour Girls
Friday 4:30 Gym Dandy

Show 5: 4:00 at CCG
Wednesday 4:15 1-Hour Girls
Tuesday 5:00 1.5-Hour Girls
Thursday 4:00 Pre-K Kids

Sunday, June 20 


Show 6: 11:00 at CCG

Saturday 11:50 1-Hour Boys

Thursday 5:00 1.5-Hour Girls

Excel Pre-Team 


Show 7: 12:30 at CCG

Saturday 10:50 Gym Dandy

Friday 4:15 1-Hour Girls


Show 8: 2:00 at CCG

Tuesday 4:00 1-Hour Girls

Wednesday 4:00 1.5-Hour Girls


Show 9: 3:30 at CCG
Wednesday 4:00 2-Hour Girls
Monday 4:15 1-Hour Girls



Show Admission for June 13, 19 and 20: $6 Adults; $4 Kids (over 3); 

Participating gymnasts are NOT charged an admission fee.  Each child will be presented with a trophy. 

You MUST be a member in JUNE to participate in the shows.  

Leotards and T-Shirts

At the start of our April session (April 5) you will receive information about purchasing a leotard or t-shirt for your child to wear during their show. We try to keep the price reasonable so that as many kids as possible can participate.

Orders must be placed and paid for prior to May 10!

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Cape Cod Gymnastics is located in the town of Yarmouth, Massachusetts, right off Exit 7. Our location is an easy drive from all Cape Cod and southern Massachusetts cities and towns

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