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Cape Cod Gymnastics Classes

Girls Recreational (Age 6+)

Girls Recreational Program
The Cape Cod Gymnastics Recreational Program offers girls/boys ages 5 and up a beginner experience in gymnastics. These classes develop skills on each of the Olympic gymnastics events and develop strength and flexibility as well as trampoline rotations and foam pit fun! Gymnastics provides an excellent, well-rounded base to any child who wants to develop her/his athletic ability, gain strength, balance and flexibility. You may choose 1, 2, or 3: 1-hour classes per week, 1 or 2- 1.5-hour classes per week.  We highly recommend multiple classes per week to see faster improvement in each gymnast’s skills. strength, and flexibility. We also offer competitive team programs for the gymnast who wants to train between 2 and 6 days per week, year-round and compete on a local, regional, and national level.
1-Hour Beginner and CO-ED 1-Hour
Ages 6 plus.  No experience required.  Gymnasts will learn foundational skills on each event and an introduction to our ninja apparatus and obsacles.  15-min. warm-up and 3 three different 15 min. events each week.
1.5-Hour Intermediate
Ages 6 plus. 1-Hour girls or equivalent required.  Must have basic skill set on each apparatus. To view skills required please click here.  Gymnasts will do a 15 min. warm-up followed by basic tumbling and 3 different 20 min. events each week.
2-Hour Advanced
Ages 8 plus.  1.5-Hour girls or equivalent required.  Must have intermediate skill set on each apparatus.  To view skills required, please click here.  Gymnasts will do a 15 min. warm-up followed by basic tumbling and 4 different 20 min. events each week plus conditioning.

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Cape Cod Gymnastics is located in the town of Yarmouth, Massachusetts, right off Exit 7. Our location is an easy drive from all Cape Cod and southern Massachusetts cities and towns

Cape Cod Gymnastics

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